Mental Health

Mental health has never been a more timely topic. Witnessing children suffer emotionally, or suffering ourselves, is painful. Locating foster-adoption competent, culturally skilled therapeutic supports and resources - both professionally and personally - can feel exhausting. Yet we also know that each of us is far more resilient than previously thought. Science shows our brains and hearts can grow, change and heal. Don't lose hope! Please also reference our ACEs, ADHD/ADD, Attachment, Mindfulness, Regulation & Resilience, Play, Suicide & Self Harm Supports, and Trauma pages for more resources.

Do you reside in Multnomah or Washington County and need some in-home support? Learn more about referrals to the new Respite & Support Network (RSN).

"Mental health…is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going." ~Dr. Noam Shpancer


If you are truly in crisis, please call a crisis hotline:

Foster Adoption Competent Therapist Lists & Referrals


Culturally Specific - Please reference our Transracial Parenting/Cultural Diversity Resource page for a robust list of Culturally Specific Care & Support resources.

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