KEEP Support Groups

Are you as excited as we are? ORPARC adoptive & guardianship families now have access to KEEP groups!

The KEEP program run by Oregon Social Learning Center Developments, Inc. (ODI) is an established, evidence-based support and skill-enhancement intervention that builds parental capacity while connecting families to peers. Through a partnership with ODHS, ORPARC and KEEP, state adoptive and guardianship families are the newest child welfare-related population that KEEP is now serving in Oregon.

KEEP groups are scheduled around the needs and availability of families! Email ORPARC now to request a spot so your family voice can be heard and counted. Learn more at KEEP. Groups for parents of younger children started January 10th; and groups for parents of teens start early February. Now scheduling:

  • KEEP for Parents of ages 4-12, Mondays at 10am or Wednesdays at 6pm
  • KEEP for Parents of ages 13+, Mondays at 6pm or Wednesdays at 10am

KEEP Groups for Adoptive & Guardianship Families are FREE:

  • 16 weekly, 90 minute virtual sessions
  • Gain valuable parenting tools
  • Connect with other peer families
  • $25 giftcard/household for each session attended (earn up to $400!)

NOTE: KEEP groups are already also available for resource (foster), kinship, Tribal, LGBTQ+ and Spanish speaking families! ¡Los grupos de KEEP también están disponibles en español!