Transracial Parenting & Cultural Diversity

Parenting children of a different race or culture requires ongoing investment and proactive engagement. Parents must ensure children have regular and thoughtful access to role models, history, language, customs and accessible information about their race(s), culture(s) and greater community so they can truly embrace their identity. Please reference our Adoptee & Foster Voices, Hair Care, Talking About Adoption, Foster Care & Other Hard Things, Talking About Race and Tribal Resource pages for more resources.

Be sure to explore ORPARC's Culture Connection Collection, a library collection curated by experts to support kids of color in care and those caring for them!

Recordings from the recent popular Understanding & Supporting Transracial Adoptees with engaging transracial adoptee presenter Isaac Etter and Inside Transracial Adoption with Isaac & his adoptive mom, Julie, available in ORPARC's library (ebook indicates video!)!

FIRST Annual FREE adult BIPOC Adoptees VOICES Conference coming to Portland - July 26-28, 2024!

"For white parents of brown kids, some stuff does have to be outsourced, because you haven't had that lived experience...." ~Angela Tucker, transracial adoptee

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Culturally Specific Care & Support

ORPARC Directory of Foster Adoption Competent Providers, including BIPOC-specific!

Recommended Books & Articles

Cultural Diversity/Transracial/Interracial-related Materials in ORPARC's library and DIGITAL library, including Transracial Parenting Information Packet developed by ORPARC plus our new Culture Connection Collection thanks to the State Library of Oregon through a LSTA grant! A collection culturally & carefully curated to support kids of color in care, adoption, guardianship and/or kincare.

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