We mobilize caregivers, connecting them to community supports that promote hope & healing for their children and youth.

“ORPARC has been a ray of sunshine in what has, at times, been a very difficult road...it is a huge relief to just have someone want to help.” ~Adoptive Parent

We serve you

Since our founding in 1999, ORPARC’s open dialogue with Oregon DHS, community partners, parents and youth themselves has deepened our responsiveness to the courageous voices of state resource (foster), adoptive, guardianship and kinship families and their brave children.

ORPARC is honored to serve:

  • Oregon DHS Adoptive & Assisted Guardianship families
  • Oregon families who adopt through any state's child welfare system
  • Families who move to Oregon after adopting through any child welfare system
  • Oregon DHS workers
  • Community partners working directly with Oregon’s state families & children
  • Oregon Resource Foster & Relative Families through our library, resources and trainings

Our approach

Assisting families on their lifelong journey...

Permanency is our priority. Every child or youth who has spent time in the foster care system has an urgent and heightened need for a family and a community’s unwavering commitment, whether through adoption, guardianship, kinship, kith or reunification.

Through information & referral; training & education; therapeutic listening; systems navigation; advocacy; and personalized parenting consultation, we explore a family’s need and desire for short or long term confidential assistance.

Equity and inclusion

At Northwest Resource Associates, we acknowledge the historical discrimination and marginalization that has created unfair advantages for some and disadvantages for others. These inequities persist in every sector of society, including the human services community. Pursuing equity and inclusion is a top priority across all programs at Northwest Resource Associates.

In 2013, we became an LGBTQ+ culturally competent organization through the Human Rights Campaign’s All Children - All Families (ACAF) program. The program requires ongoing staff training that solidifies our ability to serve LGBTQ+ children and families.

In 2019, we formed our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to recommend additional pathways and expand our efforts to become a more equitable and inclusive agency, with a particular emphasis on anti-racism.

In 2021, we are committed to:

  • Funding ongoing learning for all staff. Effective conversations about creating change require a shared vocabulary and understanding of discrimination and marginalization, both at individual and structural levels. We are invested in quarterly trainings that move staff toward a common language to address issues of racism, bias, and other discrimination. In addition, we will continue creating intentional spaces for staff to communicate and have brave conversations so that the learning can be incorporated.
  • Reviewing employment practices. We are committed to reviewing and revising our current employment practices and to eliminate potential bias and promote behavior that fosters inclusion. We are focused on revising hiring practices, performance evaluations, exit interviews, and other employee policies.

We will continually update our objectives to promote learning, growth, and change at Northwest Resource Associates.