Mindfulness, Regulation & Resilience

Mindfulness, emotional regulation and resilience are synergistic, building upon one another. People who are more emotionally regulated, resilient and mindful also help to build up others around them. Entering into connection and relationship is by far the top proven and brain-based method for both children and adults to become more regulated and resilient. How do we do that? Find out below! Please reference our Anxiety, Attachment, Neurofeedback, Parent Care, Play, Sensory Supports and Trauma pages for more resources.

Let's explore how to keep our cool and BEE calm in this playful ORPARC Short Supports video below! View the entire Short Supports collection here.

"Regulated, connected kids who feel safe behave well." ~Robyn Gobbel, trauma & attachment expert, and in ORPARC's library


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