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The journey doesn't end with adoption; it has just begun.

Navigating the path ahead calls for compassionate,
trauma-informed, adoption-competent help.


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Our free, confidential services serve the whole state.

Monday – Friday / 9am to 5pm

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We honor the remarkable resilience of Oregon’s
state adoptive & guardianship families,
and the workers and professionals who walk alongside.


Whether you need meaningful consultation or just a quick
resource, reach out...a little ORPARC support goes a long way.


Interested in fostering or adopting?

Call Oregon’s Foster Care & Adoption Information Line:

Announcements & Stories


Transitions: When Children Have to Move

Grief in Foster & Adopted Children (and Families)

June 24th – June 26th

Join experienced psychotherapist & adoption specialist Robyn Gobbel for these engaging trainings centered on transitions and grief and loss. See flyer for more information.

To register please contact us.



2019 Summer Camp Guide

Ready for summer fun?!

ORPARC has put together a 4-page Summer Camp Resource Guide that includes adoption-related camp resources along with staff suggested camp resources. Interested in spending time outdoors in the Portland Metro Area? Or maybe in the community at the park or library? Check out our guide and start planning summertime activities!


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