Neurofeedback is a safe, proven, easy way of helping children and adults achieve better brain health. Around for decades and growing in popularity, neurofeedback is now being offered in more locations. Neurofeedback has been shown to support sleep, trauma, emotional regulation, and learning differences like ADHD, to mention just a few. Parents and kids can both benefit! Learn more about this noninvasive intervention below. Please also reference our Mental Health, Mindfulness, Neurodiversity, Neurofeedback Access Project (NAP), Sensory Supports and Trauma pages for more resources.


Photo credit: Catawba Valley Neurofeedback

“A different person arises out of a regulated brain.” Sebern Fisher - author in ORPARC's library


Foster-adoption and trauma competent Oregon Neurofeedback Practices, including the new Neurofeedback Access Project

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"Neurofeedback changes brain connectivity patterns; the mind follows by creating new patterns of engagement.” ~Bessel van der Kolk

Brain-related and Neurological materials in ORPARC's library, including The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk


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