Grandparents, Relatives & Kinship Caregivers

Relative providers are often called upon by surprise, must rise to challenges they never anticipated, and can be credited with preserving the livelihood, culture and identities of thousands of children, both state and nationwide. Grandparents, elders, relative providers and kin who step up to care for kids, our hats go off and our hearts go out to you, time and time again. We can't thank you enough for what you do! Please reference our Adoptee & Foster Voices, Incarceration, Navigating Birth Family Relationships, Parent Self Care and Single Parenting pages for more resources.

Are you a relative/kin caregiver? If so, you can participate in a time-limited interview opportunity to earn a $100 giftcard! Spanish speaking kin of particular interest! To learn more, fill out this short interest form & en español.

"You can hate me all you want...I'm going to love you right through it." ~Gigi, wise great grandparent kinship provider speaking to her foster grandson

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Kinship Care Related Materials in ORPARC's library and DIGITAL library, including two packets developed by ORPARC: 1) Kinship Care: You Can Do This! and 2) The Key to Kincare is You plus A Grandparent’s and Other Relative’s Guide to Raising Children with Disabilities developed by Generations United

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