Adoptee & Foster Voices

Adoptee and foster alumni are by far our most important voices.* When seeking to understand the complexities of adoptive or foster care journeys, they are indisputably the experts. Their wisdom and life experience have much to teach us all. Please reference our All About Me, Birth Parent Grief & Loss, Hair Care, Life Story Work, Siblings, Transracial Parenting/Cultural Diversity, & Talking About Race pages for more resources.

*This page was created with input from adoptees & foster alumni. Remember that each has their own narrative that may, or may not, reflect those of others.

“...learn to listen to the voices of foster children, both present and past...We know what hurts us and what helps us.” ~Rosalind Folman, foster alum


Recommended Books & Articles

Foster & Adoptee Voice-related materials in ORPARC's library, including Closure: A Documentary About Adoption

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