Parenting Native Children

"Little Sister" shown with permission by Steph Littlebird (Grande Ronde) at Etsy.

Parenting Native children—whether as a Tribal member or transracial caregiver—comes with enormous responsibility. Native children depend on adults around them (like you!) to keep them connected to their heritage, land, language and Tribe. A child's Tribe is always the first and best place to seek support and resources. Below, Tribal elders and other experts offer additional guidance to enrich your own caregiving wisdom.

For more Tribal-specific resources, please reference our Adoptee & Foster Native Voices, Jingle Dance & Powwows, ICWA/ORICWA, Native Health & Wellbeing, Native Heritage and Tribal Library Collection pages.

For general parenting, specialized needs, or other specific topics like Early Childhood, Discipline, Foster Parenting, Grandparent/Relative/Kinship Caregivers, Talking About Race and Transracial Parenting/Cultural Diversity please reference our many other Resource pages.


Recommended Books & Articles

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