Native Heritage

Heritage and health go together. Without one, you cannot have the other. Always refer first to the rich array of heritage resources available from a child's own Tribe and the 9 strong Tribal Nations in Oregon. Below are additional examples of cultural and heritage links to support Native children & families in your care. Please also reference our Adoptee & Foster Native Voices, ICWA/ORICWA, Jingle Dance & Powwows, Native Health & Wellbeing, Parenting Native Children, and Tribal Library Collection pages for more Tribal-specific resources.

"Heritage" (shown above) with permission by Steph Littlebird (Grande Ronde) at Etsy.

"I want children to know this history...My purpose is to uplift the community." ~Steph Littlebird (Grand Ronde) - author/illustrator in ORPARC's library and Etsy artist.



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Native Heritage materials in ORPARC's library plus the full Tribal Collection.

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