Native Heritage

Heritage and health go together for Native wellbeing. Without one, you cannot have the other. Besides the rich array of heritage resources always available first from a child's own Tribe and the 9 strong Tribal Nations in Oregon, below are just some additional examples of cultural and heritage enrichment links and activities to support Native children and families in your care. Please also reference our Adoptee & Foster Native Voices, ICWA/ORICWA, Jingle Dance & Powwows, Native Health & Wellbeing, Parenting Native Children, and Tribal Library Collection pages for more Tribal-specific resources.

"I want children to know this history...My purpose is to uplift the community." ~Steph Littlebird (Grand Ronde) - author/illustrator in ORPARC's library


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Native Heritage materials in ORPARC's library plus the full Tribal Collection.

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