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Hey, its true! Parents and professionals need love and care too, from others and from ourselves. Those of us parenting, supporting or caregiving for children and families who've experienced trauma and the foster care system need all the help, compassion and empathy we can get. Sometimes we can feel stuck; it can be hard to remember that we are not alone. We are in this with you! Please also reference our Grief & Loss, Mindfulness, and Trauma pages for more resources.

"Self-compassion is crucial for caregivers – not only because it helps us forgive ourselves for our inevitable mistakes – but also because it allows us to acknowledge and comfort ourselves for the difficulties of our caregiving role."

~Dr. Kristen Neff, self-compassion expert & parent of child with autism


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Self-Care & Compassion-related Materials in ORPARC's library include Self-Compassion: Helping Parents Feel Connected to Themselves (DVD) by Robyn Gobbel.

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