Celebrations, Holidays & Other Special Occasions

Celebrations and other special occasions can be challenging for our children & families in care. Besides the chaos or excitement, the emphasis on some events—birthdays, Mother's or Father's Days, anniversaries—might represent difficult memories or losses. Other non-dominant holidays might be overlooked yet hold important cultural or symbolic value. Learn how to better support adoptees & fosterees and their families during these times below. Please reference our Adoptee & Foster Voices, Grief & Loss, Holiday Survival Supports, Mental Health, Talking About Adoption, Foster Care & Other Hard Things, and Transracial Parenting/Cultural Diversity pages for more resources.

Coping With Grief During the Holidays - Self-Love Rainbow

Graphic courtesy of Self-Love Rainbow

"...I have come to recognize the power in reclaiming the calendar as a transformational tool that can center and guide us on a path of growth and empowerment." ~April Dinwoodie, adoptee

Adoptee Remembrance Day - October 30

World Adoption Day - November 9

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