Hair Care

Celebrating a child’s beautiful textured hair is a need for every African American or multiracial child from the day they enter care. For cultures and races gifted with naturally curly hair, hair is a visible source of cultural pride and identity. Caring for curly hair involves practice and expertise so a child feels proud and empowered. Having hair done by an invested adult is also a wonderful opportunity to show compassion, develop attachment, role model self-care, and boost self-esteem. Kids in care should feel proud of their hair! Please reference our Talking About Race and Transracial Parenting/Cultural Diversity pages for more resources.


"Long, short, natural, straightened, weaved, locked or braided -- hair is an important part of black identity. Lets face it, hair is an important part of everyone's identity." ~Angela Tucker, The Adopted Life


The Crown Act - proudly passed by Oregon to protect kids

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Curly Hair Care Materials available in ORPARC's library, including Hair Books for Kids and Hooray for Hair Care Guide developed by ORPARC

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