All About Me

All About Me books honor Oregon's children in care. They are a way to reiterate to every child who enters the foster care system that their story, perspective, culture and identity matter. Anchoring children in "the now" helps them to better process their past while embracing their future. Starting fall 2021, ODHS Child Welfare has taken the bold and exciting step of adding All About Me books into procedure for all children experiencing care! Stay tuned for new developments regarding the rollout of this creative tool that celebrates and prioritizes Oregon's children.

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  • All About Me Guide by Richard Rose available in ORPARC's library
  • All About Me Introduction by Oregon Department of Human Services (Coming soon!)
  • Choose from 25+ themed All About Me Templates available to order from ORPARC's library, including animals, sports, art, Legos, Superheroes, and Disney princesses. Or, order a blank template to create your own! Customize-able languages include Spanish, Russian, Czech, Amharic, Tigrigna, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Korean, Cantonese/Mandarin, Hindi, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Arabic, Japanese and more, including special requests. Templates are mailed or emailed straight to you from ORPARC's library.

HINT: All About Me books are not just for kids!



  • Caseworker testimonial videos (Coming soon!)

Curious about "All About Me"?

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