ICWA, ORICWA & National Resources

"Salmonscape" shown with permission by Steph Littlebird (Grande Ronde) at Etsy.

When looking for resources, a child's Tribe is always the first and best source, including the nine strong federally recognized Tribal Nations in Oregon listed below. For supplementary resources, please also reference our Adoptee & Foster Native Voices, Jingle Dance & Powwows, Native Health & Wellbeing, Native Heritage, Parenting Native Children, and Tribal Library Collection pages.

"We have always been here. We will always be here." ~Steph Littlebird (Grand Ronde) - author/illustrator in ORPARC's library and Etsy artist.

Nine Federally Recognized Tribal Nations in Oregon

Oregon Indian Child Welfare Act (ORICWA) & ICWA

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