Couples & Caregiving

Caregiving is stressful on couples! A strong partnership is a must for whole family health. Parenting children who have experienced trauma, attachment separations, foster care, or those with specialized needs adds yet more stress. Don't wait! Strengthen your attachment now – as in before, during and always while foster or adoptive parenting. Buffer your relationship for tougher times ahead. Embrace some new ideas below! Please reference our Attachment, Grief & Loss, Infertility & Miscarriage Grief, Parent Care, and Trauma pages for more resources.

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"It is vital that couples go into an adoption with a relationship characterized by strong communication, cooperation, respect, and love. The challenges of adoption often exacerbate weaknesses in can be devastating for the whole family if those weaknesses grow." ~Amber Lewis, LPC in Adoption Advocate, No. 144


Foster-adoption competent counseling and support groups can be lifesavers for foster & adoptive parent marriages! Please visit our Find a Therapist and Find a Support Group pages.

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