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Oregon’s faith communities rally valiantly across our state to wrap their arms around the needs of children in care, providing everything from supplies to services to caregiving, parenting and more. We appreciate you all so much! Please reference our TBRI® page for more resources.

Called to Love Retreat for Moms - coming April 13!

Hope for the Journey TBRI® Conference simulcast, hosted virtually by ORPARC - Fridays April 19 & 26th! Recording links available for eligible adoptive & guardianship parents. Audio version 2024 available soon in ORPARC's library.

"Faith-motivated individuals support child welfare and other needs in an array of ways, including giving at significantly higher rates to both faith-based and non-religious charities. Faith communities also provide critical material, emotional, and spiritual support to adoptive, foster, kinship, and biological families." ~Bipartisan Policy Center Report

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Faith-Inspired Materials and Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) Materials) in ORPARC's library

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