Autism Spectrum

Human brains are delightfully, refreshingly and—at times frustratingly—neurodiverse. The reality is that brain differences and talents of individuals on the autism spectrum have enabled some of the greatest thinking and historical inventions of all time. Children in care who have endured trauma and whose needs are considered on the spectrum need our help to maximize the best of their own thinking and processing and boost their self-esteem. Every child also has their own way of interacting with the world and may not fit a stereotypical autistic pattern. Please visit our ADHD & Dyslexia, Bullying, Education, LGBTQ+, Neurofeedback, Play, Sensory Supports, and Neurodiversity pages for more resources.

“We contain the shapes of trees and the movement of rivers and stars within us.” ~Patrick Jasper Lee, The Art of Autism

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