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ORPARC and the entire family of Northwest Resource Associates programs are proud to earn biannual certification for LGBTQ+ competency through the Human Rights Campaign All Children-All Families, an organization with a wealth of foster-adoption resources for LGBTQ+ families and children. If you are an Oregon state resource (foster), adoptive or guardianship LGBTQ+ family with additional questions, please feel free to contact our Family Support Specialists, including LGBTQ+ Resource Specialist Michael McGrorty

FREE Online Group for LGBTQ+ Youth (grades 5-9): Intersection Connection through Old Mill Center

Educational Video on Family Acceptance

An animated short focused on family acceptance of youth with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE). This 9-minute video highlights the impact of rejection and how to provide support, acceptance and affirmation to youth with diverse SOGIE.

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