Bullying & Prevention

Understanding, stopping and solving bullying behavior starts with all of us. Unfortunately, our children in adoption and foster care are at greater risk. Prevention and protection starts NOW with the many resources below! Please reference our Anxiety, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Regulation & Resilience, Sexual Abuse & Behavior Supports, Suicide & Self Harm Supports, Talking About Race, Technology & Kids and Trauma pages for more resources.

Photo credit: Generation Mindful

"Bullying is not just the mean things you do, it's all the nice things you don't do..." ~Jodee Blanco, author & child bullying survivor


Recommended Books & Articles

Bullying-related and Emotional Literacy-related materials in ORPARC's library, including many children's books from local Oregon award-winning author & ORPARC friend Trudy Ludwig

October is Bullying Awareness Month - Take the Pledge! (against bullying)!

Foster care/adoption specific


Culturally specific

Videos & Podcasts