Substance Use & Addictions

The best prevention for substance use and addictions in children & teens is talking about it early, modeling appropriate adult use and/or abstinence, reducing stress, explaining parental addictions, and reassuring kids they can talk to matter what. Most important of all? Find fun and meaningful ways to stay connected and involved. Strengthening attachment helps you better support your child, even if professional intervention is needed. Please reference our Children, Youth & Porn, Prenatal Substance Exposure, Suicide & Self Harm Supports, and Teen Topics pages for more resources.

This video contains sensitive material.

"...they don’t use drugs because of peer pressure or a desire to get high, but rather to cope with the stress and anxiety in their lives." ~David Sheff, best-selling author of Clean: Overcoming Addiction & Ending America's Greatest Tragedy

Food for Thought

OHA’s Save Lives Oregon initiative is offering school districts free opioid overdose reversal kits!

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Substance use-related Materials in ORPARC's library, including a Fentanyl bundle for supporting & educating teens.

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