Neurofeedback Access Program (NAP) - COMING SOON!

Coming soon! Through ORPARC's new Neurofeedback Access Program (NAP), adoptive & guardianship families in a variety of locations across Oregon can get access to free and/or more accessible neurofeeback treatment. Thanks to ODHS for this innovative partnership!

"It’s like holding up a mirror to the brain so it can make its own adjustments." ~NeurOptimal

Through ORPARC's NAP project, a small group of foster adoption competent mental health therapists around Oregon are getting equipped and trained in NeurOptimal neurofeedback. Among this select group of therapists include those of color, with a variety of identities and lived experience, those of strong faith, and some bilingual Spanish speaking.

Space and location permitting, state adoptive and guardianship parents or children can get a free referral by contacting ORPARC.

NeurOptimal is an easy-to-operate but advanced neurofeedback technology that offers gentle yet effective training for the brain. Neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive, studied intervention shown to be helpful for many different conditions including ADHD, trauma, stress, dysregulation, anxiety, anger and more.

Explore so much more on ORPARC's Neurofeedback Resource page. Reach out with questions or potential referrals to!