Free Kühlungsborn Heart photo and picture

With much gratitude to the original ODHS ICWA Retention & Recruitment Work Group—under leadership of Cheryl Baldomaro-Lucas (Standing Rock Sioux) & Laura Hunker (Eastern Band of Cherokee)—for inspiring these Tribal Resource pages.

With celebration to lived experience intern Christina Morgan, MSW (Grande Ronde) for bringing them to life and helping see them through.

With reverence to our lived experience youth for their priceless input.

Many words of thanks for many others who added their voices:

  • Northwest Native American Center of Excellence Wy'east Scholars
    • Farouk Al-Ajam (Choctaw)
    • Tyria Heath (Stockbridge - Munsee Mohican/Menominee)
    • Samira Rosenthal (White Earth Nation Ojibwe)
  • Seanne Bialo, OTD graduate student (Inuit)
  • Michelle Bradach, Mental Health Coordinator, Burns Paiute
  • Leona Enright, ODHS Tribal Affairs Strategic Director of Tribal Initiatives (Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation)
  • Jonnie Gilroy, ODHS ICWA supervisor
  • Jessie Kaleikau, LPC (Tsimshian)
  • Joe Gammon, Circles of Healing Program Coordinator, Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua & Siuslaw Indians
  • Christine Kamps, ODHS Tribal Affairs (Muskogee)
  • Nicomi Levine, ODHS ICWA supervisor (Grande Ronde)
  • Liz Tyson, ODHS ICWA Guardianship Unit