Your stories are our stories

Every child, youth or family's story is uniquely their own. From overwhelming grief and loss come dazzling stories of resilience, healing and courage that will take your breath away! Enjoy listening to and honoring these storytellers.

'Then and Now' Digital Stories 2020

In this video series, adoptive parents, kin caregivers, and a young adult formerly in care speak candidly about moments of joy and sadness. Each video features stories about the same individuals several years apart. Looking backwards and forwards provides a chance to identify actions and services that made a difference and to consider missed opportunities for what might have been helpful.

Thank you Joan, Shary, Josh, Melissa, and Jammie for courageously sharing your journeys with us!

Videos were created in partnership with Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center and the Capacity Building Center for States.

Wednesday’s Child Reunion Story: Marissa’s Forever Family Story

When the Depners saw this amazing and resilient teen on Portland Wednesday’s Child, they discovered love for a child that they didn’t even know they possessed. Marissa’s adoption by this fantastic family creates one of the most beautiful stories we’ve been blessed to walk alongside!

Wednesday’s Child Reunion Story: 26 Years Later, Emily

Every now and then an unexpected special moment, even with a stranger, impacts a life in an unexpected way. Emily was living in Oregon foster care and was filmed 26 years ago by Jeff Gianola and KOIN 6 as a Wednesday’s Child. Pieces of that memory stuck with her forever, helping her to get through the rough times that lay both ahead and behind for her on her journey through the system until she was eventually adopted.

Digital Story Project 2017

Oregon DHS, the Center for Capacity Building for States & ORPARC partnered to create a powerful series of nine relative caregiver stories to give voice to Oregon’s kinship, resource (foster), adoptive & guardianship families, kicking off National Foster Care Month. Their stories are an unforgettable testament to the incredible work that these courageous families invest in everyday.

Shary, Jorge, Maria, Trayci, Michelle & Morris, Gloria, Jillana, Reba and Jammie...we admire and thank you all!

ORPARC and Oregon honored by Digital Story Project 2012, highlighting adoptive families and staff

In collaboration with Voice for Adoption (VFA) and the Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center (ORPARC), the previous National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections (NRCPFC) created a collection of 10 digital stories that represent the voices of foster & adoptive parents, as well as the perspectives of post-adoption workers.

The stories of eight Oregon adoptive parents, Cliff, Joan, Kendra W., Laura, Laurel, Melissa H., Melissa S., and Rhonda are featured; plus two professionals, Toni F. and Kendra M. Through these stories, we are better able to understand the joys and struggles of adoptive families. We learn the importance of well-being, and the services and supports necessary to sustain families.