Motivating Youth to Make Positive Changes

Date:   Friday, February 08, 2019
Time:   5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.
Trainer:   Tim Boettcher MSEd
Location:   DHS Lincoln County
  119 NE 4th Street
  Newport, OR 97365
Room:   5
Phone:   541-265-0913
Map:   Directions to Location

This training will introduce Foster Parents to the concept of Motivational Interviewing. MI was originally designed to help drug and alcohol counselors elicit commitment to change from their clients. These techniques have since been used in any interaction where people are reluctant or resistant to change. Participants will learn to use basic techniques to guide youth into making positive changes in their lives. During this training, participants will have the opportunity of applying and practicing basic MI techniques with coaching from the instructor.

Registration: Linda Cline, 541-265-0913,