Webinar: Advice Q&A for Parenting Teens with Behavioral & Emotional Challenges in Foster & Adoptive Families

Trainer:   Debbie Riley, LMFT
Location:   Center for Adoption Support & Education (C.A.S.E)--WEBINAR

We invite you to join renowned adolescent adoptee expert, C.A.S.E. CEO, Debbie Riley who will give in-depth, thoughtful responses to the serious questions you have been grappling with concerning your teen’s troubling behavior, mental health challenges, and relationship difficulties. Ms. Riley will explore the complex connection between adolescence and adoption, including the impact of compromised early life experiences, trauma and profound loss and grief in adolescence.

Ms. Riley will address:
• Handling risky behavior
• Getting help for serious mental health concerns
• Changing family and peer relationships
• Relationships with birth family in open adoption; search and reunion
• Supporting positive identity development
• Unique issues in transracial adoption